Driver Operator Series

EVOC Emergency Vehicle Operations Course

VFIS Approved Course.

16 hours of classroom instruction that covers basic emergency vehicle knowledge

The curriculum will show the students a variety of vehicle operations such as, operating and parking vehicle in safe places, hand signals, backing apparatus & driving range skill exercises.

Student will be operating a “Fire Truck”

Pre-Requisites: Active Drivers License, and record showing the students past 5 years driving records. 

ATPC1301 Fire Service Hydraulics

45 contact hours, 3 college credits

The course curriculum covers relationship between flow and pressure and mathematical hydraulic formulas. Students must bring a simple calculator with square root function. Course includes pump theory, pump rating, and pressure and vacuum gauges.

NOTE: Part of Pump Operator Certification

Requirements: Square Root (Simple) Calculator

ATPC703 Aerial Apparatus Operations

40 contact hours, 0 college credits

Classroom lectures and practical exercises are conducted in the principles and uses of aerial apparatus, including the recognition of hazards which may be present during aerial operations. The curriculum also includes the principles of safe placement of Aerial Apparatuses, tactical Aerial operations, proper placement depending on the scene, and mastering the various procedures of setting up an Aerial during emergencies. Students MUST pass a “Final written, and Practical exams” in order to obtain a class certificate.

NOTE: Students must bring gloves, hardhat and proper attire for master stream operations and aerial exercises. Students will be required to ascend and descend aerial ladders and aerial platforms.

Prerequisite: ATPC1302 Fire Apparatus Operations & EVOC 16hr Certification.

ATPC1302 Apparatus Operations

40 contact hours, 0 college credits

The curriculum covers the laws, rules and driving techniques for emergency vehicles, as well as a review of fire service hydraulics. Fire ground evolutions and a driving course make up the practical part of the course. The evolution portion of the course includes the use of pre-connected lines, tandem pumping, drafting, relays and master streams. The student should have a basic understanding of fire stream hydraulics prior to entering this course. Students must bring gloves and proper attire for water pumping exercises.

NOTE: Students must bring gloves, hardhat and proper attire for water pumping exercises. The course is a part of the Pump Operator Certification

Prerequisite: ATPC1301 Fire Service Hydraulics & EVOC 16hr Certification