HAZMAT Technician 160hrs

160 contact hours, 0 college credits, class size: minimum 6, maximum 30
Course Fees: $1200.00

This is the 160-hour hands-on practices HazMat course in which students will fulfill the functions of HazMat technicians in a variety of full-scale field scenarios. These scenarios include making entries into hazardous materials scenes and determination of type of incident by observation, monitoring, and research. Students will set up full-size incident command and decontamination facilities and respond to simulated container and vehicle emergencies.

NOTE: Prerequisite: HazMat Operations Level

HAZTOX Medic 24hrs

The HazTox Medic Certification course offers a comprehensive approach to the assessment and management of contaminated, exposed, or toxic victims.  Upon completion, students will earn a 2 year certification which meets and exceeds the competencies set forth in NFPA 473.

The Haztox Medic Certification Course is Provided by HazTox™, and fully approved through ICFTA- HazTox™ by the Florida State Fire College.

The HazTox Medic Certification course will teach responders:

  • A basic understanding of the principles of toxicology.
  • Chemical and physical properties as they relate to toxic exposures.
  • Toxidromes relevant to EMS, HazMat, and WMD response.
  • Assessment and management of toxic exposures.
  • Assessment and management of WMD / chemical warfare agents.
  • Assessment and management of biological warfare agents
  • Integration into the Incident Management System
  • Responder safety, medical surveillance and incident rehab.

In addition to the training, responders will receive:

A waterproof HazTox™ chart.
A HazTox Medic Manual with over 3,000 chemicals adapted to the HazTox™ system.

Course Fees: $300.00

HAZMAT Awareness 24hrs

Course Fees: $290

HAZMAT Operations 40hrs

Course Fees: $350.00